3M Ergonomic Mouse

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3M Ergonomic Mouse

The 3M Ergonomic Mouse is an ergonomically designed alternative mouse that helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to muscles in the users arm.

Clinical Trials have shown that the Vertical or Joystick style grip places the wrist axis at about 70 to 80 degrees from the work platform, reducing forearm twist and encouraging blood flow.

Reduces risk associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and minimises muscle strain.

Good hand posture and the base of the palm resting on the mouse leaves the thumb free for clicking left or right and the fingers for relaxed scrolling.

Available in two sizes Small/Medium Size for most users and Larger Size for larger hands with a palm width greater than 8.8cm (88mm).

  • 3M Ergonomic Mouse Vertical or Joystick type for relaxed neutral handshake mousing position, proven to reduce discomfort of CTS and RSI and muscle strain.
  • Continuous Palm Support and helps users adopt the "reference posture position" for mousing.
  • Encourage good arm posture by untwisting the forearm compared to an ordinary mouse.
  • Optical Technology for smooth, precise, responsive operation, with USB connectivity.
  • Small/Medium Size for hands with Palm Width up to 8.8cm (88mm) or Large Size for hands greater than 8.8cm palm width.
  • Soft touch finish.
  • USB Connection
  • For Right-Handed use only.
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Lead Time 3 Working Days
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