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Are Kneeling Chairs Good for You?

Posted by PAM Health on 30th May 2022

Are Kneeling Chairs Good for You?

If for whatever reason standard ergonomic seating options are not for you, then perhaps you should take a look at kneeling chairs and see whether they are more up your street.

Kneeling chairs are just one form of alternative ergonomic chair that has boomed in popularity recently. The first modern kneeling chair, the Balans kneeling chair, was manufactured in 1979 in Norway. Since then, the design has been refined countless times but the philosophy behind them remains the same: to encourage a more natural sitting position, ease lower back pain and reduce pressure on the coccyx.

But how effective are kneeling chairs at carrying out this philosophy? Are they actually a suitable option for people seeking ergonomic chairs? Read more to find out!

Kneeling chair benefits

Kneeling chairs are capable of encouraging a more natural sitting position by forcing the user to be more aware of their posture and actively use muscles in their core to keep their upper body aligned.

The seats on these chairs are angled forwards, which positions the user in a position that more closely matches the natural curvature of the spine. This means that you should definitely consider kneeling chairs for lower back pain if you frequently experience it, because a lot of back pain is caused by lumbar lordosis which is reduced by sitting in these chairs.

Then to help you stop sliding forwards and off the chair, shin pads are included on these chairs that you can use to secure their seating position. By using these shin pads, you are also reducing the build-up of pressure on the buttocks and coccyx by sharing it with the legs.

The many positives of kneeling posture chairs are backed by science, the only factor that goes against them is that they can take a lot of getting used to before you can sit completely comfortably on them.

A lot of people who make the investment into a kneeling chair keep their old chair too and slowly increase the time spent sitting in their kneeling chair over the next few weeks or even months. However, some people simply cannot comfortably sit on them and focus on work at the same time so they refuse to make the investment of time and money into one of these chairs.

For those individuals, there are fortunately plenty of ergonomic chairs to choose from that are fantastic for the posture while also being incredibly comfortable and easier to sit on.

Are kneeling chairs bad for your knees?

Alongside the complaints regarding comfort, some users have also complained about experiencing pain in the knees when using a kneeling chair.

However, if seated correctly then pain should not be felt in the knees. This means that it is important that the thighs are bent at around 120o to the body, and the shins are pressed against the pad rather than the knees.

Then it is also important that you keep the majority of your weight on your buttocks, as opposed to the shins. This will keep you from experiencing pain in your legs and allow you to experience the posture benefits that kneeling chairs provide.

Active sitting chairs UK

Kneeling chairs encourage the user to actively use muscles in their upper body to sit correctly on them. However, kneeling chairs are not the only kind of chairs to encourage this active sitting.

People who are not fans of kneeling chairs may be more inclined to choose another form of active sitting chair instead, as they more closely resemble typical ergonomic chairs.

While these chairs usually come with a backrest and do not have a shin support pad, they still encourage the user to engage their core muscles by having the seat capable of rocking slightly forwards and backwards.

Kneeling and active sitting chairs at PAM Health

Want to experience an active sitting chair for yourself? See our website to browse our kneeling chair stock and make the investment into a pain-free future today.

Or, if kneeling chairs do not sound like something you are interested in, then browse our wide variety of ergonomic office chairs instead and we are sure that you will find something for you.