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Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Posted by PAM Health on 8th Jun 2022

Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs might not be the most frequently spotted chairs in offices around the country, but that does not mean that they are not some of the best chairs that you could buy for your posture and ergonomics.

If you are serious about avoiding pain and discomfort due to spending long periods of time seated, then including an active sitting chair into your routine may be one of the best decisions that you could make.

At PAM Health, we sell a range of active sitting chairs and can help you find the right chair for your needs that can lead to you living a happier and healthier life.

Ergonomic kneeling chair reviews

While experts preach about the benefits of kneeling chairs, the truth is that for some people they are not the most comfortable, and they certainly take some getting used to.

Teaching somebody who comes from years of slouching on how to stand properly can take a while, and the same applies to teaching somebody on how to sit properly.

At first, many people say that kneeling chairs are uncomfortable because they are being forced to think about their posture and use muscles in their core to keep themselves upright. Some people may give up on kneeling chairs completely at this point with claims that sitting in kneeling chairs hurts their shins, but those who stick with them for a long-period of time get used to them and become fervent fans of them.

It is also important to remember that kneeling chairs are not designed for use eight hours a day seven days a week. Instead, you should use them sporadically. It is best to break up your day by standing, sitting on an ergonomic chair, and sitting on an active sitting chair.

Hag kneeling chairs

Some of the best rocking kneeling chairs and active sitting chairs are made by the Norwegian brand, Hag. In fact, some of the best ergonomic chairs full stop are made in Norway by Hag.

The Scandinavian country was also home to the first kneeling chair, the Balans chair. Since then, Hag has become one of the best names for ergonomics that there is.

At PAM Health, we stock a selection of Hag chairs and even stock some of Hag’s best active sitting chairs that encourage the optimal ergonomic position of your spine while seated.

Hag Capisco 8105

The Hag Capisco 8105 is a fantastic active sitting chair. Technically, this chair is actually a stool as it comes with no backrest.

With a seat that allows for full movement both forwards and backwards, users of the Hag Capisco 8105 need to engage their core to remain in the correct position. And, because there is no backrest, users cannot resign to leaning back and slouching when they lose focus on their posture.

On top of this, the chair comes with best-in-class versions of the standard features that one can expect from an ergonomic chair. This includes five-point castors, seat height and depth adjustment, and a choice of gas stem heights.

And for a chair with this number of high-quality features, it is a very affordable option. Include a number of optional extras for complete personalisation such as a footring or a Hag StepUp.

Hag Capisco 8106

The Hag Capisco 8106 features Hag’s incredible Balanced Movement Mechanism seat that allows for full freedom of movement both backwards and forwards in a rocking motion, and includes an additional back pad with ergonomic back pad supports. The seat can also be locked into place for perfect height and depth adjustment.

Both the seat and the back pad come in distinctively ergonomic shapes that are designed to support your body while reducing the build up of pressure on areas like your legs and your back. This is great for your circulation and helps with reducing the risk of developing issues like sciatica.

Because of the uniquely designed back pad as opposed to a typical backrest, even if the user attempts to slouch back they will be supported at ergonomic points on their body, encouraging good posture.

What’s more, this chair just looks outstanding. It is definitely a visual icon when it comes to office kneeling chairs, and would look at home in an art gallery as much as it would in the workplace or a home office.

PAM Health active sitting chairs

If you have never sat in an active sitting chair before then we highly recommend you do so. You will be able to feel the benefits after just a short session.

Your spine and pelvis will be aligned, your core will be engaged, and you will have a better focus on the tasks at hand as you will be managing your balance.