The Work Colleague of the Future

The Work Colleague of the Future

Say hello to Emma, a life-sized representation of how we could look in 20 years’ time if we continue working with poor posture and inadequately set-up workstations.

A study, commissioned by Fellowes®, has investigated the long-term health of office workers and has concluded how we could end up looking after our busy lifestyles and inadequate workstations take its toll on our bodies.

The report has exposed how sitting still is the most hazardous contributor to poor health. We’re regularly spending hours at our desks with little movement, and our bodies are starting to atrophy in response.

In the UK, we spend around 8 years of our entire lives sitting down!

The report also reveals how factors such as poor body posture, air quality, artificial lighting and working habits could affect our overall appearance and health in the long term.

You can find out more about Emma and read about her full ailments here. (link to

It's a legal requirement for all businesses (EU Directive 90/270/EEC) to undertake regular Workstation Risk Assessments to ensure that employees are working in safety and comfort - whether they're in or out of the office.