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In addition to vertical, central and precision mice we also have unique, special mice in our assortment, like the HandShoeMouse.

This is an ergonomic mouse, but with a totally different concept: your hand lies relaxed on the mouse.

There is less wrist-bending and inward forearm rotation (just like with vertical mice). There is less muscle activity in the forearm than with a standard mouse.  You do not hold this mouse like you do other mice, so your hand, thumb and fingers are supported in an optimal position.  Plus, there is no friction between your hands and the desktop.

Comfort: low muscle tension due to relaxed fingers and wrist posture.

3 right-handed versions: distance wrist to top of ring finger: 155-175mm: Small, 175-195mm: Medium and 195-215mm: Large.

3 left-handed versions: distance wrist to top of ring finger: up to 170mm: Small, 170-190mm: Medium and 190-210mm: Large.

The mouse keeps the wrist from bending as much to the side while the forearm also turns inward to a lesser degree.  This means that muscle activity in the forearm is less than it would be when using a conventional mouse.

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