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Hood Seating - i29

With its patented floating lumbar and pelvic support system and intuitive controls, users of any size and shape get the right support and dynamic movement from the moment they sit down.

The i29 boasts one of the most intuitive mechanisms on the market. With three easy-to use pictorial controls on the right-hand side operating seat height, seat depth and advanced dynamic movement, the mechanism can also be locked at any angle. This works like a knee tilt mechanism with the first articulation at the underside of the thighs and the second point under your sitting bones (ischial tuberosities), delivering constant support in active mode and reducing the pressure on the underside of the user 's thighs.

The extendable direct tension control adjusts the resistance of the chair to comfortably balance users weighing from 8 to 23.5 stone.
Our fully patented floating lumbar support automatically moves with you when in dynamic mode, giving continuous lumbar support. The chair 's split back is designed to deliver independent upper back support as well as ensuring the patented lumbar system protects the lower regions - keeping the user 's pelvis rotated.
The back can easily be height adjusted for each user 's anthropometric measurements by releasing two buttons on the back of the chair.
The i29 is fitted with an aluminium five-star base as standard. The chair can be also be enhanced with optional features. Two different styles of optional headrests are available and may be retro-fitted - the Executive headrest is ideal for 24/7 use and managerial areas, and the Ergonomic headrest provides more adjustment.
The 4D multifunctional arms incorporate three buttons to increase armrest length, width and height which can be locked in position. The angle of the armpads can also be adjusted to suit. If customers prefer their chair to have no arms the i29 's can be removed easily leaving the design uncompromised and safe for users.


Lead Time:
10 Working Days

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