ONGO Roll Saddle

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ONGO Roll Saddle

Move into the working world of tomorrow. Ergonomic office chairs have been optimised so that users can sit in them for as long as possible. But this is not adapted to human nature, nor tomorrow's needs. With ONGO Stools you constantly change your position: up, down, right, left, leaning forwards or backwards or sometimes inclined around the stools own axis.

ONGO promotes mobility in four dimensions: motor, spatial, geographical and cognative. Our seating and workstations can be adjusted both vertically and 360o horizontally, for ideal working conditions that also facilitate people's physical movement as they sit.

ONGO Stools and standing aids bring movement and health to sitting, while at the same time giving their users valuable feedback. This is done through an intergrated ball track, the concave foot or flexible bearing of the seat or gas stem.

ONGO Stools are light so it's simple to carry them from A to B with one hand or on wheels, allowing you to easily roll them to the next workstation.

Reasons for Active Sitting with ONGO:

  • Provides more movement and healthier posture
  • Stimulates and strengthens the back muscles
  • Activates the metabolism and promotes blood circulation
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Fosters motivation and productivity
  • It is fun to use and also ideal for your office or home

The ONGORoll Saddle should really be called "Rock n' Roll". Because the ergonomic design stool not only rolls in any direction on its flexible seat mounting which allows the seat to be tilted all around. What could be more mobile? Its design is also flexible.

Seat 37 x 30cm
Seat Cushion Available in Black and Grey Microfibre Fleece
Regular Seat Height 52-63cm, Tall Seat Height 59-77cm
5-Arm Base Diameter 54cm
Braked Double Castors, 2 with manual holding mechanism with soft rolling surface, also suitable for hard floors
Weight 6.0 and 6.3kg, Standard/ Tall


Lead Time:
10 Working Days

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