PAM Health has established a strong reputation for creating Ergonomic Workstation solutions.

At PAM Health we supply a wide range of solutions for working arrangements with Display Screen Technology. The perfect modern day office will encompass Screen Mounting Solutions, Height Adjustable Workstations for Sitting and Standing, Ergonomic Desktop and Under-desk Accessories plus Ergonomic Workchairs and Task Seating for the most demanding environments. By investing in ergonomic office furniture you are investing in a healthy future, free of the strains associated with modern office living.

As of April 2018 PAM Group, a UK leading occupational health and wellbeing services provider, has acquired Computing Plus Limited. This acquisition allows Computing Plus to provide the same great service and competitive pricing that customers have come to appreciate but will allow Computing Plus to expand its product offering to PAM Group customers in the future.  The acquisition is a coming together of two similar companies that share the same values of:

  •  Putting customer service first
  •  Providing value for money


The new ownership will offer customers a greater opportunity for the purchase of ergonomic equipment, DSE Services and other related occupational health and wellbeing services. Computing Plus will now have a greater capacity for delivery of its products and services and the expansion to customers throughout the UK.

Reach4 Display Screen Mountings.

Display Screens play an ever more important role in everyday working situations for Office, Industrial, Retail, Medical, Laboratory, Education, Finance, Communications and many more demanding environments including home offices.

The need for improving the way we use screens has never been more important. Desktop Screens are getting ever bigger, commonly up to 30", and the use of diagonal and Multiscreen set ups are ever more popular. The demands on user vision for what will be many decades of use is ever increasing.

Accommodating Screen Technology, minimising Visual Fatigue by careful Screen Positioning, creating effortless screen movement and saving valuable desk or working space are all taken care of with Reach4 Display Screen Mounting Solutions.

Deskless arrangements are possible with Touch Screens, All in One PCs, and Under-Screen Keyboard/Mouse Trays for Wall Mounting while Laptops and Tablet Mountings are also available.

Find out more about our range of screen mounts by visiting the Monitor Arms product page.

Workstation Computer Accessories.

Choosing the best Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard can often be the first step in understanding posture at your workstation, while Desktop Screen Risers, Laptop Risers and Document Holders can all help minimise Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Computing Plus will help you select and try for yourself at your workplace. Under-desk Accessories include Keyboard/Mouse Arms or Trays, CPU Holders and Footrests even for bench or counter users.

We have a range of accessories that will make office living easier and healthier. To see the full range visit the accessories product page.

ActiveDesking Height Adjustable Workstations.

Fixed height Desks, Tables and Workstations were best left in the last millennium. Sit to Stand Electric Height Adjustable Workstations bring movement, energy, posture and comfort for enhanced productivity reducing lost workdays or absenteeism.

ActiveDesking Sit/Stand Workstations can be the heart of your Ergonomic Working Arrangement.

Manual Crank Adjustable Tables in our SoHoDesking and SurfDesking ranges are complimented by Set-Up Adjustable ECODesking with Stand-Up, Compact and Mobile Carts.

Our range of adjustable desking offers flexible to your office. To see our full range please visit the Desking Product Page.

Ergonomic Seating, Workchairs and Task Seating.

Workstation Seating must be selected to suit each individual users physiology including height and build, but also any special requirements that they may have. Ideally a specific chair will be selected for an individual user. Alternatively a chair can be selected to suit a specific workgroup but care must be taken with users for whom a chair may not be suitable.

The Computing Plus Range of Ergonomic Seating offer models to suit Regular users up to 23stone (150kg), Petite Users under 8stone (50kg) and Larger Users up to 30stone (190kg) with choice of Components, Fabrics and Finishes all to help achieve the  reference posture position for display screen users.

Our Ergonomic seating solutions bring comfort and peace of mind to your office. To view our full range please visit our Ergonomic Seating products page.

Whatever your requirements for creating an Ergonomic Workstation Arrangement for you as an individual, a small workgroup, or throughout your organisation, Computing Plus will have a solution.