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UltraBoard 950 Compact Keyboard - Wireless

UltraBoard 950 is the latest compact keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen. The light keystroke, 2 USB ports and clear layout make this a complete keyboard.

The biggest difference to a standard keyboard is that it has no numerical section, which makes the keyboard narrower.

A compact keyboard reduces the distance to the mouse and reduces strain on your lower arms. An added benefit is that a compact variant is easier to transport in a laptop bag. You therefore need not rely on your laptop keyboard.

Compact: the keyboard is thinner, narrower and shallower than the S-Board 840.
Ergonomic: its compact shape enables you to adopt a better working posture, with fewer lower arm complaints as a result.
Modern: the UltraBoard 950 has a modern and stylish design.

A compact keyboard lacks the numerical section.  The mouse can thus be placed closer to the keyboard.  Research shows 90% of users rarely or never use the numerical section.  A compact keyboard is more comfortable because it reduces the distance to the mouse.  It thus reduces strain on the lower arms and shoulders.  Dark letters on a bright background improve legibility and contribute to higher productivity.

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