1. The Work Colleague of the Future

    Say hello to Emma, a life-sized representation of how we could look in 20 years’ time if we continue working with poor posture and inadequately set-up workstations.

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  2. Tips on how to reduce back pain when sitting

    Written by Jane Johnson



    Many people experience back pain when sitting but are relatively pain free when standing or moving around. This article covers the typical presentation of back pain which comes on when sitting, the likely causes, as well as tips for how to prevent and treat this type of back pain.

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  3. ergonomic equipment alongside other healthy behaviours can help address musculoskeletal complaints

    Government guidelines highlight that health and wellbeing should be a core priority for organisations and that value should be placed on the strategic importance and benefits of a healthy workplace. Employers are encouraged to take a consistent, positive approach to all employee’s health and wellbeing.

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